Classification: VINO SPUMANTE (sparkling wine)
Production Area: area of the Vulture mountain, town of Barile, Rapolla, Venosa, Maschito, Melfi
Grape: Moscato 100%
Alcohol by volume: 7% vol.
Soil: volcanic origin soil, clay and pebbly zones
Yield: 1 ton of grapes for ha
Training method:spurred cordon
Vineyard density: 3300-6600 plants for ha
Vinification: Charmat method or tank fermentation. The base wine is fermented in large pressure-resistant stainless steel vats. Second fermentation in steel vats
Ageing: to drink young


Color: pale straw yellow
Perlage: subtle and lingering
Bouquet: aromatic, slightly fruity with hints of yeasts
Taste: sweet, fresh, sometimes lively
Serving Temperature: 5-6 °C
Pairing: very good with cakes and dessert

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