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The history of Vecchia Torre winery speaks about resistance and remaining.

Because remaining in Leverano, south Italy, in 1959, meant skydiving without parachute.
Going in blind to start a revolution to emulate in the future.
They were 44, all men and two women.
Small landowners, farmers, teachers and a priest.
They were able to make a group, and they delivered the possible unanimous dream of the Cantina Sociale Cooperativa Leverano.
Today that dream is a rich production company that aims to generate wealth, and produces 3,5 million bottles a year with a turnover that exceeds 18 million euros, and 1100 members.

  • 1959 – Establishment of the Cooperative

    On september 17th, Cantina Sociale Cooperativa Leverano came true by a notary deed. The first president was Antonio Biasi. A building for rent where carry 3-4000 tons of grapes. The members went from 44 to 100 in a few months.

  • 1962 – Own headquarters

    It’s the moment to build their own winery.
    Six million lire for the land where build a pioneer dream.
    One hectare for 20 thousand tons.
    A battle won against the farmers who wanted to cultivate the land and the vineyards alone.

  • 1964 – The first tanks are made

    The production increases day by day, it’s time to build the first tanks made of reinforced concrete and the first enameled iron silos for the fermentation and the storage of wines, of capacity 5 thousand hl.
    The first winemaker, dr. Antonio D’Amicis, pushes on the accelerator of quality.

  • 1972 – The plant continues to grow

    The winery keeps growing, four vertical winemaking tanks made of steel and resine arrive, for 2thousand tons each one under a shed, a concentrator for 3 hl per hour nearby. Cantina Sociale Cooperativa becomes a point of reference for organization, handling of grapes and advanced technology, brick by brick.
  • 1974 – We move to bottling

    They go from bulk wine to the bottled one for direct delivery.
    White, red, pink. First labels are basic, first bottles of capacity 0,72l, then 0,75l, finally 1,5l. “Lacrima”, “Negroamaro”, genuine wines on the tables and the shelves that speak about the territory and its gamble.

  • 1978 – Ambassador of the United States of America

    The USA ambassador Richard Gardner and his wife Danielle, select the Cantina Sociale Cooperativa Leverano for their tour in october, because it’s the symbol of the rebirth of rural south Italy. Lots of letters, treasured in Vecchia Torre’s archive, and a red “amabile” wine called Gardner, remember that friendship.

  • 1990 – Enologist Ennio Cagnazzo

    The arrival of Dr. Ennio Cagnazzo, the new winemaker, marks a step forward in the enhancement of the wines from Salento.
    He gratuated in Agricultural Science in Florence, then he took the helm of this winery. His purpose is to increase bottling, to advance production and to achieve international standards.

  • 2003 – Antonio Tumolo Winery Chairman

    When the Antonio Tumolo Winery Chairman arrives, the winery opens to foreign market with success.
    The wines from Leverano reach Europe, Usa, China, Japan, appreciated for superior quality and the message that conveys, is one of attachment to the roots and teamwork.
    Antonio Tumolo carries the Quality Project forward with determination: every wine has unique charateristics, that depend on territory, original vine and winemaking techniques. Because of that, they produce Doc and Igp wines, Negramaro and Primitivo that grow in Salento. The farming practices aim on ealthy grapes with special scents, colours and organoleptic qualities. This project enhances the work of all the members too, in order to produce a healthy economy at home.
    In a few years, thanks to investments of more than 10 million euros, the winery becomes a city in the city.

  • 2009 – Half a century of life

    Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Winery creates a music and wine festival in July.
    Nine days of tastings and live music to toast the end of a year’s work and the new beginning, with the harvest.
    From 2009 the festival brings thousands visitors to the Winery every year, and it’s one of the most important summer events in Salento.

  • 2011 – Cantina Vecchia Torre

    Cantina Sociale Cooperativa Leverano changes its name, but not its skin.
    It becomes Vecchia Torre (Old Tower), to remember the old tower built in Leverano by Frederick II of Swabia, called Puer Apuliae.

  • 2013 – New bottling plant

    Vecchia Torre inaugurates the new bottling plant and the new store in Leverano. Now it’s possible to buy bottled and bulk wines.
    You can taste our wines here with skilled sommeliers.

  • 2018 – New store in Brindisi

    Vecchia Torre inaugurates a new store, in Brindisi, between Porta Pia street and San Martino della Battaglia street, with civil and religious authorities.
    A great party full of friends for a new beginning.

  • 2019 – The winery turns 60 years old

    The Winery is 60 years old. Now the visitors can also discover the new restored cellar that houses the tanks. A special sensory trip, between past and future.
    A taste corner, old fermentation tanks, old and new bottles all together in this place, to give sips of culture made in Salento.