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A corner to tell our dream sip by sip, to breathe its scent, to touch the daily hard work of a great family.

Tasting and tours in the winery

A tour to know how we work in Vecchia Torre’s winery day by day, to see the beauty of our memories and the authenticity of the spirit behind every day. You can try your tour in Italian and English language. In our store there’s a corner where you can taste our wines with the help of skilled sommeliers.

The barrel

A suggestive place, full of history. The old barrel of our winery is carved into the rocks and stores all wines of the Eccellenze and Riserva range. After a great renovation, from summer 2019, it’s opened to visitors and included in the guided tours circuit. Ancient and modern come together, among the old fermentation tanks you can see the French oak barrels, there are the bottles produced many years ago and the new bottles too, a game of lights and shadows accompanies visitors through an emotional journey made of sips of culture.

The wineshop

In our winery there’s a store where you can buy Vecchia Torre’s wines, bottled or in bulk. From monovarietal wines to important red ones. Our store has all the bottles we’re producing now as well as magnum formats, hunchback bottles and bakery products made in Salento.