Name: Gardner
Classificatione: IGP – SALENTO – ROSSO (sweet red wine).
Production Area: Leverano (Le).
Grape Varieties: 100% Malvasia Nera.

Alcohol content: 11,50% vol.
Soil: alluvial origin soil, mixed (sand, silt and clay), deep, with calcareous zones
Yield: 7 tons of grapes per Ha
Training method: Goblet
Vineyard density: 4500-5000 plants per ha
Vinification: after a deep selection of the grapes, they are passed through a de-stemmer (no crushing). The must is left to soak in contact with the skins for 4-5 days at a controlled temperature of 22-24°. The alcoholic fermentation in stopped at the best moment, in order to maintain the residual sugar.

Tasting notes
Color: ruby red with orangey highlight
Bouquet: delicate, fruity with hints of prunes
Taste: pleasantly sweet, soft and full-bodied
Serving Temperature: 13-14°C.
Pairing: it’s a dessert wine, very good with dry confectionery