Name: Briosè
Classification : IGP – SALENTO – BIANCO FRIZZANTE (sparkling wine).
Production Area: Leverano (Le).
Grape Varieties: 60% Bombino, 20% Chardonnay , 20% Trebbiano.
Alchool content: 11,50% vol.
Soil: alluvial origin soil, sandy, clay and pebbly zones
Yield: 1 ton of grapes per Ha
Training method: Cordon spur
Vineyard density: 4500-5000 plants per ha
Vinification: Charmat method or tank fermentation. The base wine is fermented in large pressure-resistant stainless steel vats. Second fermentation in steel vats.
Ageing: to drink young

Tasting notes
Color: pale straw yellow
Perlage: subtle and nicely lingering
Bouquet: slightly fruity with hints of yeast
Serving Temperature: 4-6°C
Pairing: very good as aperol, it’s an ideal companion to pizzas, first fish courses and white meat