The land of Leverano





The land of Leverano is located in an area called Terra d’Arneo, in the North-West of Salento, Apulia. The cultural richness of this land is connected with its geographic features and its variegated environment.

The rural culture is deep-rooted in the land of Arneo, and it lives again with some peculiar ancient buildings called “messerie”, that once were little villages with their own economy, agriculture, culture and traditions.

Today the “masseria” is a new form of tourism residence and many tourists prefer this accommodation to spend their holiday, living an unique experience with local traditions, high quality œno-gastronomy and nice people, everything in the ideal contact with the nature.

In the past few years the local wine and gastronomy have had an important role in the tourism improvement. A bottle of wine is becoming a cultural and a territorial symbol; it doesn’t contain just the juice of the “salentinian” land, but it represents the history, the farmer’s life and traditions, and it’s the tool to communicate and valorize the territory.