Primitivo Vine

The meaning of the name derives from the grape’s early ripening. It is the same as the Zinfandel vine in California and its true origin is still unknown. The Primitivo is one of the most representative Apulian varietals and in the area of Manduria (province of Taranto), it is the only varietal permitted in the DOP wine Primitivo di Manduria and in the DOCG Primitivo di Manduria Dolce Naturale.

This vine produces a medium and irregular yield; it’s extremely important that Primitivo grape is harvested in the right moment of ripening and acidity level. The Primitivo produces an intense ruby red wine, the aromas are very fruity, complex and persistent. It can be found in the Apulian DOP wine: Gioia del Colle, Aleatico di Puglia and Salice Salentino.