Montepulciano Vine

The origin of this vine is unknown, but it has been spreading since 1800 in the region of Abruzzo and in other regions of the Centre and the South of Italy. It is widely planted in Apulia and it is registered among the varieties suited to being grown in all Apulian provinces. This grape variety prefers a temperate climate, especially in hill. This vine produces an high and regular yield and it ripens quite late, in October. The berry is medium-small with a black skin.

The Montepulciano produces an intense ruby red wine, with an intense fruity and floral aroma. The taste is dry, with soft tannins, full body and alcoholic. This vine is permitted in Apulia for the following DOP wines: Alezio, Brindisi, Castel del Monte Copertino, Gravina, Leverano, Lizzano, Nardò, Rosso di Cerignola and San Severo.