Chardonnay Vine

The origin of this vine is French and the name comes from a little town of the Màconnais region, called Chardonnay. It is the most widespread white international grape variety, thanks to its ability of adapting to different type of soil and climate. In the past few years, in Apulia, its production has grown considerably, with excellent results for many wineries.

It is the first grape variety harvested in August, it has an high vigor and a constant production. The wine produced from Chardonnay vine has a good alcoholic and acidity level; the wine is straw yellow with greenish highlights and it has a fruity bouquet with a marked apple aroma.

In Apulia, this vine is employed in the production of the following Doc wines: Brindisi, Castel del Monte, Colline Joniche Tarantine, Galatina, Leverano, Lizzano, Salice Salentino, Squinzano, Terra d’Otranto.