Mr. De Castro visit Salento Winery

The Minister of Agriculture did visit Salento winery, Vecchia Torre

It is increasing even more the list of high-level guests who visit Salento winery Vecchia Torre. Therefore, it is so far the most awarded Puglia Winery on an international level and, providing that, it could be an example for other Puglia wineries. In particular, today we hosted Minister Paolo de Castro, an Italian agronomist, economist and politician. Just to mention, throughout his life, he has always been very linked to agricultural culture. In fact, since his childhood he has been observing with his own eyes the world of Salento vineyard. Consequently, he began being passionate by the cultivation of vines, oil and tobacco. As a result, his adolescent passion for agriculture has finally matured enough to become a real profession.

“It is with great pleasure that I find myself here today to see with my own eyes the success of Cantina Vecchia Torre. It is an example for many cooperatives involved in the production of wine of Salento, not only for high quality wines, awarded and recognized internationally, but also for the innovative drive, which always leaves room for tradition.”

Visit the winery and taste wines from Puglia

For us, Cantina Vecchia Torre, it was significantly an honor to warmly welcome the Minister in a Puglia Winery of Salento. In fact, it was an important guest who witnessed the rebirth, the rediscovery and the growing interest in our land, Puglia, Salento, that is the land of Primitivo, Negroamaro and Malvasia nera.

On the whole, during the visit to the Cellar, the Minister particularly appreciated the effort to innovation. Visiting Vecchia Torre plant and facilities, he certainly admired the substantial investments made to optimize and make the production chain more efficient. Furthermore, he noticed that, together with the grafting of new non-autochthonous vineyards such as Vermentino, the winery has chosen to focus on a production of high quality wines of Puglia.

In conclusion, the Ministry really appreciated the wine tasting after the visit of the ancient Winery. It has the pleasure to taste wine from Salento, Puglia and, without any doubt, he really loved our wines. He started with a Puglia red wines tasting and ended with a white wine tasting, passing through Puglia rosé wines.

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