Commissioner Fischer visit Salento winery Cantina Vecchia Torre

Visit Salento Winery: a wine experience for Commissioner Fischer

Another famous Agriculture expert got carried away by visit Salento Winery. This worthy guest, on the occasion of her holidays in Puglia, has carved out time for a visit to the most awarded Winery in Salento. We are talking about the European Commissioner, former Minister for Agriculture and Food in Denmark, Mariann Fischer-Boel. Operating within the rural development portfolio, it has always been linked to the agricultural question.

Visit Salento Winery: a wine experience to discover Puglia traditions

During the visit to the Cellar, the Commissioner was able to appreciate with his own eyes what was achieved in a short time by this Puglia winery. In particular, the Commissioner high-lighted how:

“The strong bond with the territory, the love for its origins, respect for the traditions of Puglia, have contributed to the success of this reality. I finally had the pleasure of spending holidays in Puglia, make a visit to the winery and learn more about the land of Negroamaro, Primitivo, Malvasia. These Puglia native varietals has a strong personality, just like those who take care of them. There I perceived the attachment to the land of these men, claiming their identity, the typical traditions of Puglia, Salento. “

It is precisely to homage the strong bond with our territory that the winery has chosen to produce PDO and PGI wines. In particular, the strong presence of Negroamaro and of the black Malvasia of Lecce, allows us to produce the excellent Salice Salentino and Leverano. This, without neglecting the production of Primitivo, a native vine of Puglia. To give an innovative boost, next to the native wine varietal of Salento, we decided to combine grapes such as Vermentino and Sirah. Despite the initial challenge, we can state that these vines adapted in an excellent way to our territory.

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